CCMEP™ is the only credential that designates qualified individuals as Certified CME Professionals.

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Q: Why is certification being developed now?
Q: How can I benefit from becoming a Certified CME Professional (CCMEP)?
Q: As an employer, how can my organization benefit from certification?
Q: Can accrediting organizations and regulatory agencies expect to benefit from certification?
Q: Will there be an opportunity for "grandfathering"?
Q: Will there be a recertification program?
Q: How can I apply to sit for the certification exam? – and what about fees, testing locations, and dates?
Q: Will an exam be required?
Q: Will other qualifications be considered?
Q: What will the exam look like?
Q: What was the timeline for exam development?
Q: How can candidates prepare for the exam?
Q: How can one certification program address the diverse roles that CME Professionals perform?
Q: Why use the term "CME" instead of CPD, CPPD, CPE, CPE, or CE?
Q: What is a "CME Professional"?
Q: How was the NC-CME established, and what qualifies this organization to conduct a certification program?
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