CCMEP™ is the only credential that designates qualified individuals as Certified CME Professionals.

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What our colleagues are saying
I'm very happy to be included in the extension [of certification] group [EOC]. I have found the CCMEP education (i.e., ongoing self study and group study) continues to help our organization with its strengths in CME.

- Alicia Sutton, CCMEP Class of June 2009-EOC Executive VP, Omnia Education; Fort Washington, PA

"The call for greater professionalism in CME is a natural progression, given we are an industry that defines our very existence by the necessity for lifelong learning in the health professions. [NC-CME] elevated [the ACHEP] standards by offering a method to obtain certification in our profession. Regardless of whether you are new to CME or a 25-year veteran, the CCMEP designation signifies a commitment to the profession and to our healthcare learners."

--Greselda Butler, CCMEP; Director, Educational Strategy and Development; DIME; Chicago, IL

"My beautifully framed CCMEP certificate and enamel pin arrived safe and sound last week. Thank you very much for packaging them and sending, and thanks to NC-CME for providing them. The pin is on my badge and the certificate on my credenza, and I'm waiting for our printer to finish my new business cards with CCMEP after my name."

--Valerie Frazier, BA, CCMEP, Manager, Continuing Medical Education, St. Mary Medical Center; Langhorne, PA

"Since passing [the exam] I have received a promotion for diligence in my work and for exhibiting a strong knowledge of the CME enterprise. The exam was challenging ... stretched the bounds of what I know based on what I do. I have a greater appreciation for the 'system' as a whole. Thank you for making our industry a more well-rounded and informed space for everyone who strives to be a CCMEP."

--Angela Noreen, CCMEP; Sr. Program Manager, Postgraduate Institute for Medicine (PIM); Englewood, CO

"Within the hospital environment we encourage participation in the CCMEP exam process and offer to reimburse the exam fee upon achievement of the certification. From that point forward the Office of CME will continue to reimburse for Extension of Certification. We wish to foster a culture of CPD and stand behind those who wish to participate. This is not mandatory but there is an understanding that the CCMEP distinction is preferred as it was included on the most recent job description. We currently have 2 CCMEPs and 2 who are studying for the exam; none of these individuals have greater than a 0.5 FTE responsibility to CME. The others with CME responsibilities are beginning to realize the value associated with the CCMEP distinction as their peers receive merit increases, accolades from the hospital administration and medical staff leadership, as well as improved facilitation and achievement of their daily responsibilities. The more you know, the more you know . . . . .

-- Scott Hershman, MD, CCMEP; Medical Director, Office of CME, HealthONE Denver Hospital System; Glendale, CO

"I want to compliment you and your co-workers that initiated and carried through with this effort and made it happen. I don't think anyone should be thrown in like I was-sink or swim--with the employers just assuming that anyone can take over the CME program without any training or education. I would hope that some day each CME program would have to have at least one CCMEP running it! "

--Mary E. Rider, CCMEP; CME Consultant; Maineville, OH

"After many years in CME it's important to stay informed and relevant. The CCMEP designation lets organizations know you are both."

-- Ellen Seaback, CCMEP; Executive Director, Office of Continuing Medical Education; UC Irvine School of Medicine; Irvine, CA

"I thought the practice test was representative of the real exam and just difficult enough to test for a reasonable level of proficiency. ...I will definitely recommend obtaining this credential to my students and colleagues. I feel it is so important for our profession to have a standardized means of acknowledging professional accomplishment, and for the rest of the world to see that there are professionals in our field who have reached a specified degree of expertise."

-- Johanna Lackner Marx, MPH, MSW, CCMEP; President, InQuill Medical Communications; Soquel, CA

If there are certifications for baristas and car inspectors, the need for certification of CME professionals is even more clear to me, in part because of its potential to help solidify CME as a true profession.?

--Lawrence Sherman, FACME, CCMEP; Senior Vice President, Prova Education; Fort Washington, PA

"I used your website as one of my references/review documents in the discussion about the future of CME professionals and the need for more professionals working in the field to have a higher level skill set, to be pursuing continuing professional development, etc. It was very helpful!"

--Martha C. Baker, EdD, CCMEP; Bayfront Medical Center, St. Petersburg, FL

"Achieving certification as a CME Professional has been quite valuable for me. Not only am I recognized as a professional in this little-known, but emerging field of CME, but there is a awareness of the ethics and standards needed to bring forth quality education that will benefit physicians and their patients. "

--Susan H. Yarbrough CCMEP; Manager, CME & Accreditation Services; Imedex; Alpharetta, GA

"The ongoing discussion about the value of certification reminds me of an interview I heard years ago with Daniel Burrus, a "technology forecaster" and author of TechnoTrends. He said he was once asked by a business owner, 'What if I spend a lot of money and time developing my employees and they leave?'"

Burrus' answer, "What if you don't and they stay?"
I've thought of that often over the years when making difficult decisions about resources for staff development.

--Nancy Davis, PhD; Executive Director, National Institute for Quality Improvement and Education; Homestead, PA

"I strongly support the efforts of the CME community to create and support a system that insists on established standards of professionalism related to the specialty of CME. It is a necessary element of our continual professional development mantra and should be qualified through certification and life-long learning."

--Kolette Massy, CCMEP; Manager Accreditation and Educational Development, UCSF

"Our institution sees CCMEP as an asset to our overall CME Program. Obtaining the certification is a development goal for CME staff who work directly with accreditation aspects of our CME Program."

--Brenda Johnson, MEd, CCMEP, Director, Continuing Medical Education; UT HealthScienceCenterSan Antonio

"I think this is a great step in identifying competencies in CME professionals and everyone working in the CME enterprise should consider being certified. Kudos to the National Commission for Certified CME Professional for their tremendous efforts to improve the delivery of medical education."

--Harvey C. Parker, Ph.D., CCMEP National Association for Continuing Education (NACE)

"The certification application process is fair in that it acknowledges academic degrees, CME work experience, and professional involvement in CME related activities. The certification fee is affordable and in line with other professional certifications."

--Deb Jorden, MS, CHES, CCMEP, CME Program Coordinator, Cook Children's Health Care System

"I am encouraging my entire staff to sit for this exam. I am convinced the education involved in preparing for the exam will strengthen our capabilities at the Institute, and will give all of us in CME a way to strengthen our professional credentials."

--Rob Naticchia, CMR, CCMEP, The Institute for Continuing Healthcare Education, Philadelphia

"I took the exam on Friday ?interesting experience and well done! I think the case questions were well-constructed and forced test takers to apply their knowledge in a way that required a genuine understanding of all things CME."

--Steve Barrett, CCMEP, MedPage Today, Little Falls, NJ

"I have talked with several CME colleagues who have earned this certification. They each expressed the importance of the credential to them in their practice, where it is setting them apart as professionals with demonstrated expertise. One suggested having staff with the CCMEP credential will give organizations a competitive advantage in the marketplace. By the way, that comment was from a funding source. Nice work, NC-CME."

--Floyd Pennington, PhD; Host, Conversations in CME; McDonough, GA

"The establishment of a national standard of certification raises the bar on what it means to be a CME professional and elevates our standing in the medical community. I am very proud that Projects In Knowledge has a full team of professionals who have earned this designation, demonstrating their commitment to excellence in the CME enterprise."

--Patty Peterson, CCMEP, Projects In Knowledge; Little Falls, NJ

"The opportunity to be nationally certified acts as a catalyst for increasing individual competence within our rapidly changing industry, and further solidifies the challenging and complex work of CME professionals."

-- Donna Guadagnoli, CCMEP, Colorado Mental Health Institute, Pueblo , CO

"When I saw the list of 70 who had earned the certification in June, I thought, ""These are the leaders in our profession. I want to be recognized as a part of that group!"

-- Anne Symons,CCMEP; Children's Healthcare of Atlanta; Atlanta, GA

"It was a great way to get to review all aspects of the CME enterprise."

-- Bina George, MS, CCMEP, National Kidney Foundation

"I commend the entire team that worked on designing and implementing such a well thought out and thorough certification exam. The exam requires a broad base of knowledge relating to theories, issues, and policies needed to understand and support CME

I recommend that all stakeholders in leadership positions within the CME enterprise undertake the path to becoming a CCMEP."

--Jon A. Ukropec, PhD, CCMEP, Ortho-McNeil Janssen Scientific Affairs; Titusville, NJ

This is a balanced exam, focusing on what makes a pro - a real winner. After a lifetime of teaching, testing and interpreting I know that this is a good one!

--Sheldon Putterman, MD, CCMEP, Beam Institute; NY, NY

"Preparing for the NC-CME Exam was a terrific opportunity to integrate years of on-the-job experience with the latest in literature about adult learning,the ACCME Updated criteria, and the AMA' s PRA handbook. I am definitely glad I made the commitment to excellence that the NC-CME represents."

--Ellen Cosgrove, MD, FACP, CCMEP, UNM School of Medicine; Albuquerque, NM

"In this time of unprecedented change in Continuing Medical Education, the CCMEP exam does an excellent job of incorporating both well established and new theories. The content of the test validates the accumulated knowledge of industry veterans, while also serving as an educational tool for CME newcomers. This landmark certification promises to bring even greater credibility to CME."

Scott J. Hershman, MD, CCMEP, Intellyst Medical Education, Aurora, CO

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