CCMEP™ is the only credential that designates qualified individuals as Certified CME Professionals.

Test Development in
collaboration with:

Committees, 2012-2019
By-Laws Committee
Chair: Pam Mason, CCMEP
Charge to Committee: Uphold the integrity of NC-CME By Laws and Policies
  • Review current bylaws and policies annually (or as needed) and recommend revisions to the Board
  • Ensure Board compliance with bylaws and policies
  • Conduct orientation for new Board members
Exam Development Committee
Chair: Alicia Reese, PharmD, MS, CCMEP
Charge to Committee: Assist in the ongoing development and improvement of certification exams
  • Convene and serve on teams that develop and beta test NC-CME exams
  • Review the work of Exam Development Teams and vendors (eg, SMT)
  • Serve as a conduit to the Board of information about the exam development process
  • Conduct and report research on the CCMEP program and its constituents.
Financial Development Committee
Chair: Maureen Doyle-Scharff, MBA, CCMEP
Charge to Committee: Obtain funding to support the NC-CME certification program
  • Set goals and identify sources of funding, "champions" and persons who are open to receiving requests for funding
  • Collaborate with Marketing committee as needed
  • Collaborate with NC-CME staff as needed in drafting and submitting grant requests
Marketing Committee
Co-Chairs: Marilyn Peterson, MA, CCMEP and Daniel Guinee, MBA, CCMEP
Charge to Committee: Increase CCMEP registrations by publicizing the certification program
  • Draft annual Marketing Plans with timelines and estimated costs
  • Create and distribute quarterly online newsletters
  • Draft press releases as requested
  • Coordinate exhibits, including booth rental, assembly, materials (collateral) , and staffing
Nominating Committee
Chair: Scott Hershman, MD, CCMEP
Charge to Committee: Recommend nominations to the Board of Directors, as openings occur
  • Evaluate prospective candidates
  • Present a slate to the Board of Directors of candidates who are willing to serve.
Standards Committee
Chair: Robert Galbraith, MD, CCMEP
Charge to Committee: Review and recommend performance standards for NC-CME
  • Review and consider Standards and Codes that may be applicable to NC-CME
  • Recommend appropriate language for adoption by the Board of Directors
  • Serve as the review committee for any infractions reported in writing.
Strategic Planning Committee
Chair: Robert Galbraith, MD, CCMEP
Charge to Committee: Lead the Board in planning future activities
  • Conduct periodic environmental scans and SWOT analyses
  • Recommend planning activities to the Board
  • Review the annual budget
  • Suggest enhancements to NC-CME policies and procedures.
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