NC-CME Practice Exam for CME Professionals

In response to requests for study materials to help candidates prepare for the CCMEP exam, NC-CME in collaboration with Schroeder Measurement Technologies has developed a Practice Exam comprising 45 test items. The Practice Exam is available 24/7 in the privacy of your home or office, to assist you in assessing your individual areas of competence and identifying areas where additional study may be beneficial.

These test items were written and critiqued by volunteers who have earned the CCMEP credential. They were designed to be representative of "what we need to know" as CME professionals, across the broad spectrum of the CME enterprise. They will not appear in any other NC-CME exam. Content domains mirror those determined by the Job Analysis process, which was based on a review of competencies published by the Alliance for CME. References for additional study can be accessed at / OUTREACH / Resources.

The Practice Exam is meant to assess your knowledge and skills; it is not an exact simulation of the software you will encounter when you sit for the CCMEP Certification Exam at a testing center. Five Sample Test Items and a Tutorial on the software that candidates will use for the CCMEP exam can be accessed without charge at under "How to Register for the Exam."

You may REGISTER at any time. After registration, when you LOG IN, you will have 90 minutes to complete the 45-item exam. When this time window expires, your password will expire as well. It is important that you reserve this time to concentrate on the Practice Exam without interruptions. You will not be able to stop/restart the exam.

After answering each test item you will see a bar chart that shows how your answer compares with other participants' answers; this is a unique feature of the Practice Exam and does not appear on the CCMEP Exam. After completing the exam you will see your comparative ratings in each of the five content domains. This information will be e-mailed to you as well.

The Practice Exam User Agreement prohibits test takers from copying the Practice Exam content and/or sharing it with others in any form. The NC-CME software prevents users from printing copies of the exam.

When you are ready to REGISTER for the Practice Exam click on the link below, where you can pay the $45 fee (via credit card) and enter your unique ID and Password. At that time you can either LOG IN to begin testing immediately or you can LOG OUT and return to the site within one month, at any convenient time.

After you have registered - and are ready to LOG IN and take the Practice Exam –
go to

This Practice Exam is the property of NC-CME;
participants purchase a one-time license for their personal use.

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