CCMEP™ is the only credential that designates qualified individuals as Certified CME Professionals.

Test Development in
collaboration with:

Exam Development Teams

NC-CME subjects the CCMEP certification process to continuous improvement and rigorous psychometric analysis. Each form of the exam is written, reviewed, beta-tested and validated by CME professionals who have volunteered their time and expertise in support of the certification program. All team members submitted non-disclosure agreements prior to being approved to write/review test items.

Exam development and administration is under the supervision of test development specialists from Schroeder Measurement Technologies and the NC-CME Exam Development Committee: Scott Hershman, MD, CCMEP, Chair; Gabby Cruze, CCMEP; Mimi Holman, MS, RN, CCMEP; Chris Kriz, MHSA, CCMEP; Marilyn Peterson, MA, CCMEP; Alicia Reese, PharmD, CCMEP; Judy Ribble, PhD, CCMEP; Brooke Taylor, MPH, CCMEP.

The CCMEP exam is updated periodically to ensure currency of approximately 160 test items. Exam Form 1 was in place from June 2008 through June 2009; Form 2, from September 2009 through June 2011; Form 3 will be accessible in September 2011.

The following Certified CME Professionals attended an online item-writing training and submitted at least 5 test items, complete with stem, key, distractors, and references:
  1. Christina Ansted, MPH, CCMEP
  2. Martha Baker, EdD, CCMEP
  3. Erik Brady, PhD, CCMEP
  4. Heidi Chandonnet, CCMEP
  5. Gabby Cruze, CCMEP
  6. Sherri Foster, CCMEP
  7. Scott Hershman, MD, CCMEP
  8. Shunda Irons-Brown, PhD, MBA, CCMEP
  9. Susan Jones, MS, CCMEP
  10. Haleh Kadkhoda, CCMEP
  11. Scott Kober, PA, CCMEP
  12. Johanna Lackner Marx, MPH, MSW, CCMEP
  13. Samantha Bidwell Lansdowne, MSJ, CCMEP
  14. Kari Loeser, JD, CCMEP
  15. Theresa Logan, CCMEP
  16. Pamela Mason, CCMEP
  17. Kolette Massy, CCMEP
  18. Sarah Meadows, MS, CCMEP
  19. Mina Milford, CCMEP
  20. Hong Jin Na, MS, CCMEP
  21. Melissa Newcomb, MBA, CCMEP
  22. Karen Overstreet, RPh, EdD, CCMEP
  23. Cathy Pagano, CCMEP
  24. Brad Poquette, MBA, CCMEP
  25. Robb Rabito, CCMEP
  26. Alicia Reese, PharmD, MS, CCMEP
  27. Sheila Robertson, MPH, CCMEP
  28. Jodi Scheckermann, PharmD, MBA, CCMEP
  29. Karen Scheidt, MSEd, CCMEP
  30. Janet Schultz, MSN, CCMEP
  31. Ellen Seaback, CAE, CMP, CCMEP
  32. Marissa Seligman, PharmD, CCMEP
  33. Jason Singer, PharmD, CCMEP
  34. Celia Smith, CCMEP
  35. John Stangel, CCMEP
  36. Anne Symons, CCMEP
  37. Audrie Tornow, CCMEP
  38. Christopher Viereck, PhD, CCMEP
  39. Sallie Weems, RN, MBA, CCMEP
  40. Betsy Woodall, PharmD, MBA, CCMEP
The following item writers provided the first review of new test items using the Schroeder Measurement Technologies' (SMT's) online writing tool and participated in an interactive 3-hour webinar facilitated by SMT staff.
  1. Heidi Chandonnet, CCMEP
  2. Scott Hershman, MD, CCMEP
  3. Haleh Kadkhoda, CCMEP
  4. Kari Loeser, JD, CCMEP
  5. Kolette Massy, CCMEP
  6. Mina Milford, CCMEP
  7. Hong Jin Na, MS, CCMEP
  8. Cathy Pagano, CCMEP
  9. Ellen Seaback, CAE, CMP, CCMEP
  10. Celia Smith, CCMEP
  11. John Stangel, CCMEP
The following volunteers attended a 3-day intensive retreat where test items from Exam Form 2 were analyzed for performance and newly submitted test items were reviewed for inclusion in Form 3 of the CCMEP examination.
  1. Scott Hershman, MD, CCMEP
  2. Kari Loeser, JD, CCMEP
  3. Karen Overstreet, RPh, EdD, CCMEP
  4. Alicia Reese, PharmD, MS, CCMEP
  5. Robb Rabito, CCMEP
  6. Marissa Seligman, PharmD, CCMEP
  7. Sallie Weems, RN, MBA, CCMEP
The following group of item writers volunteered to review and validate all Test Items via conference call, under the guidance of psychometricians from Schroeder Measurement Technologies.
  1. Scott Hershman, MD, CCMEP
  2. Shunda Irons-Brown, PhD, MBA, CCMEP
  3. Samantha Bidwell Lansdowne, MSJ, CCMEP
  4. Sheila Robertson, MPH, CCMEP
  5. Jodi Scheckermann, PharmD, MBA, CCMEP
  6. Karen Scheidt, MSEd, CCMEP
  7. Janet Schultz, MSN, CCMEP
  8. Jason Singer, PharmD, CCMEP
  9. Kolette Massy, CCMEP
  10. Melissa Newcomb, MBA, CCMEP
  11. Anne Symons, CCMEP
  12. Christopher Viereck, PhD, CCMEP
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