CCMEP™ is the only credential that designates qualified individuals as Certified CME Professionals.

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Reporting Exam Results
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Most candidates will receive notification of their pass/fail status as soon as they have completed the computer-based exam at the testing center. Electronic scoring is instantaneous; the results will be printed by the exam proctor and given to the candidate on site. A list of all successful candidates will be posted on NC-CME's National Registry at after each test administration.

Candidates who pilot test a new form of the exam will receive a letter when they have completed their exam, informing them that they will receive their examination results via US Postal Service within approximately four (4) to six (6) weeks of their examination date. Schroeder Measurement Technologies, our test development specialists, will determine when a new form of the exam is required.

Candidate scores are not reported as a raw score (the number of questions answered correctly) but rather as a scaled or weighted score. To prevent candidates who took a less difficult form of the examination from having an unwarranted advantage over those or a slightly more difficult form, raw scores are converted to weighted scores that represent comparable levels of achievement.

Schroeder Measurement Technologies has provided a very readable explanation of the methods used to scale the CCMEP exam. Go to: Equating and Scaling Credentialing Examinations.
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